Anonymizing Proxy


Anonymizing Proxy is a lightweight web anonymizer. You enter a URL to visit, and instead of visiting it directly in your browser, this app will fetch it and return it for your viewing pleasure. This is useful if the site is blocked for you, or whatever. All the links in the content and even some of the Javascript is amended so that they refer to anonymized URLs. So clicking them will still keep you inside Anonymizing Proxy, and fetch whatever link you clicked.

I wrote this in Python on App Engine, reminding me once again that there is a lot you can do with this platform.

Unfortunately, this site has somehow become popular. I have not idea why or how since I never told anyone about it, and it has a fairly obscure address ( I say unfortunately, because, since I keep this app in the free limit set by App Engine, it runs into it’s free limit very quickly every day – and then it just displays an error when browsing to it. I don’t make a dime with it, so I’m not going to increase the limits.


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