Groupon Search Widget

This is my latest creation, and I’m quite pleased with it. I haven’t released it publicly yet, so I’m not putting a link up. This is a widget, which means you drop it onto one of the home screens of your Android device, configure it, and resize it as you like. The config is easy, just pick a location (like “Edinburgh, UK”) or category (like “Goods” or “Getaways”) – these are displayed in a big list. You can also type in some filter text, I suppose this is the “search” part of Groupon Search Widget. This will search for the type of deals you are interested in, and show only them. For instance you might only be interested in “burger restaurants” in “Auckland, NZ”. So you can customize your widget to show only those deals. Here’s an image of the setup on a Nexus 7 tablet:


There’s also a social sharing button on this screen for telling your friends all about your cool new widget 🙂

Now you have your widget, and maybe there are no “burger restaurants” in Auckland. That’s okay. It will display a weird picture of a burned paper. You can touch it and the setup screen will show again. Or you can leave it and as soon as a burger restaurant deals is offered in Auckland, it will pop it into your widget. So it’s a useful way of searching and waiting for deals that you’re interested in. For instance, my car MOT is due soon, so I’ve got a widget set up on my phone to search for “car mot”, and as soon as one appears – I can purchase it. Here’s what it looks like when there are no deals that you searched for available right now:


Here’s what it looks like when you find some deals:

london-west-restaurantshk-pottery sg-earrings

As you can see, the language is localized to the country – depending if Groupon has deals in that language. The middle widget is from Groupon Hong Kong by the way.

Here are a few more screenshots of the widget on some actual devices:

nexus-10-multi-widgets   nexus-7-resize   nexus-4-arabic    nexus-4-sydney

You can flip through the deals with a vertical swipe – it gives quite a nice flipping effect. And you just touch anywhere on the deal to visit the Groupon page. There you can see all the details and options about the deal. And if it’s what you’re looking for – buy it.

There will be more details about this on the app page in Google Play when I release it – hopefully soon.

Oh, it doesn’t have any deals for USA or Canada. This is one of the reasons I haven’t released it yet. I haven’t been given access to their data feed yet. But hopefully I will soon.


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