Groupon Search Widget

I’ve put up a page about my latest Android app. It’s actually a widget, not an app. It’s called “Groupon Search Widget”. It’s not released publicly yet, but hopefully will be in the next week or so. Hope you like it, you can see details here.

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New site

I’ve just created this site. I thought it’s time to make something where I can log some of the software projects I work on in my spare time.

I’ve started off by creating pages for the more interesting projects I’ve worked on in the past. Here’s the list: BoxupUK StopsUK Stops WebAnonymizing Proxy. This isn’t an exhaustive list of my home projects. They’re just the ones that stand out in my mind, and are complete. I’ve got a half finished game that I’m not going to list, for instance.

I’m not much of a blogger, so I won’t be doing daily posts, but when I complete and release a project, I’ll add it to this site.


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